Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Tour

I feel bad that I never posted about him coming home, especially since he's already leaving again. I think somewhere inside I knew that homecoming is only a temporary state when you are married to a soldier.

We moved to Germany shortly after he returned from Iraq. We've been here since December and loving living in our cute town off post. We have had a chance to travel and enjoy the world. I found a job and my son made friends at school. I love being in Europe!

My husband is in a unit which affords him some great training opportunities--which means that since we've arrived in Germany, he's been away at times. The last training took him back to the states for three months. His first day back at work, they told him he'd be deploying to Afghanistan in a matter of weeks.

So he's back, but really, he's gone again and here I am again.