Monday, August 27, 2007

The Notebook

I received a little green notebook a month ago with great welcome. Inside this little treasure, my husband wrote a special dedication, indicating that we'd be exchanging this journal between us over the course of the deployment. There's something so intriguing and mysterious about the possibility of blank pages.

With pen to paper, our life-together-but-apart, will be etched into history. I'm never one at a loss for words and yet I've mostly just carried this little book inside my purse, reading and re-reading what he wrote and wondering what I can say that's interesting or important enough to be inked into history. The blank pages in this notebook represent the most important of all things right now- hope.

Inside this little book are our hopes and dreams and the kind of deep thoughts that are shared only between a man and his wife. Inside is a story of waiting, a long love letter, secrets, a chapter to a life story. What words will life will bring us in the next year to fill the pages?


Chris said...

Dear S.P., I read your thoughtful and loving words to your husband and I am very touched by your honesty and devotion. I wish you all the best and most of all his speedy safe return. I know that speedy is a very relative term here. I am about to make a short deployment myself, so I tell you this with understanding that my family and I do appreciate the sacrifice that you and your husband are making over this long haul. Tidings of bravery and fortune to you. Regards, Chris

ABW said...

What a great idea!!!!