Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Worst Kind of Good Dream... when you dream that you are together and wake up and remember that you aren't. Although the story line was not very exciting, the dream I had during my nap was vivid. There was dialogue, eye contact, and laughter. It was as if my skin could feel the closeness of his presence.

I awoke from the sound of the television, hearing the exaggerated dialogue of Sylvester Stallone buying a watch for his wife in Rocky while she wrung her hands about the cost. Half asleep, half awake, I remembered the time at the PX when K. tried to buy me a "too expensive" watch saying that my wrist didn't deserve a mere watch, but rather, a "time piece." My heart smiled.

A moment after that, I became cognizant that I was really just laying on my couch alone, listening to the sound of the TV. The family gone from a Thanksgiving visit and knowing the man in my dreams was half a day ahead of me in Iraq, I felt starkly alone.


tommie said...

My husband had been deployed 14 months....i have saved EVERY message he left when I missed a call. There are 50 calls on the answering machine! It truly breaks my heart every time I miss a call. But we have finally figured out when are good times to get to talk...whether just to me or to the kids.

I hope you don't miss too many more calls!

fridaynightgirl said...

He's not my husband, but he holds my heart and he's been gone a year today. I don't think it an accident that I stumbled on to your blog.

I've had those dreams that were so real I reached out to him in my sleep and the action of moving woke me up.


Brandy said...

I know this post is old but I just found your blog. I think as a military wife we all have those dreams. I like to think its our way of being together, we miss each other so much that we find a way to be together. I know this may sound corny but hey what ever gets you thru another day.