Monday, July 27, 2009

Another Tour

I feel bad that I never posted about him coming home, especially since he's already leaving again. I think somewhere inside I knew that homecoming is only a temporary state when you are married to a soldier.

We moved to Germany shortly after he returned from Iraq. We've been here since December and loving living in our cute town off post. We have had a chance to travel and enjoy the world. I found a job and my son made friends at school. I love being in Europe!

My husband is in a unit which affords him some great training opportunities--which means that since we've arrived in Germany, he's been away at times. The last training took him back to the states for three months. His first day back at work, they told him he'd be deploying to Afghanistan in a matter of weeks.

So he's back, but really, he's gone again and here I am again.


Army Duck said...

Wow, I found your blog just under a year ago when my partner and I was looking for support. You never updated since I found this blog but I kept it here on my favourite because your words never left me. The post "While You Were Sleeping" about the last morning of R&R made me blubber at work..

I'm not sure what else to say other then I look forward to reading more but I wish I didn't have to and that he wasn't off again for another tour.. Goodluck.. You'll be in my thoughts.

Brandy said...

Where in Germany did you get stationed we were in Bamberg and loved every minute we were there and I miss it so much! Can I live vicariously thru you?

ABW said...

We loved Germany!

We moved to Carson, and there are rumblings of a trip to Afghanistan, but he just got back from Iraq, so I am hoping it is all false rumors.

Glad to see you posting again!

The Wood's said...

Hello, I am much like Army Duck. I stummbled on your blog about 5 months ago while reaching for support and similar feelings. I've kept your writings deep in my heart and empathize to the depth of your imagination. I've looked at it often waiting on a new post, and well, I hate you're going through this again, but your words are so heart felt and I enjoy your readings and a good cry here and there. Know you'll be surrounded by my thoughts and prayers as you embark on yet another journey. We're on the downside of our first deployment and rest assured that your words have helped me, on a daily basis. So, for that, thank you. Good luck! - Rachael

Anonymous said...

Im so happy to see that he made it home safe to you and your son!! I hope his next deployment goes by very fast and he comes home safe. I will pray for the three of you.

Anonymous said...

Hello, So I ran into your blog as I was looking for other Army wives and their experiences of deployment. I am currently going through my first deployment with my husband. I've read some of your posts from your family's last deployment and was brought to tears. Your post on the goodbyes hit home. Only a little over a month ago did I say goodbye and it still leaves a lump in my throat. Your writings ring so true in my world right now. Keep writing, we can be strong military wives together!

~Maya :)

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